clinical trialWhat We Do

The Brain Health & Healing Foundation (BH²F) is dedicated to quickly evaluate new – or even old! – therapies for the treatment of brain injuries and diseases. One of our first research goals is to determine if hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is effective in reversing the symptoms and cognitive/behavioral deficits of people with a mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI). HBOT has the potential to alter the lives of millions, but requires scientific proof through well managed & scientifically controlled clinical trials. BIHF intends to take up the challenge and begin doing these critical clinical trials. Our focus will be on safe, low side-effect and non-drug based therapies as a start. HBOT fits those criteria (see HBOT Facts).

How We Are Doing It

TBI research does not have the budget that is normally given to cancer, diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease. There is a dawning realization that TBI’s are more common and crippling than previously thought, but governmental and institutional action always lags public concern. As a small, private organization, we do not have the institutional inertia and can move quickly to set-up, coordinate, recruit and execute a clinical trial. But what is lacking is financial support to test the effectiveness of treatments. Many illnesses rely on the generous support of donors and benefactors (the Alzheimer’s Association, The Muscular Dystrophy Society, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association), but there is no national agency for traumatic brain injury to carry out critical research. We are planning to change that with your tax-deductible help.

As our organization grows, we will expand our research scope into other brain injuries & diseases, as well as focus on other, alternative therapies that show promise. As you help us, our ability to expand our research (and receive federal assistance) will grow. People powered research continues to be the best hope to discover new treatments… but it begins with you.