Xavier Figueroa, Ph.D.

Xavier FigueroaXavier Figueroa is co-founder and President of the Brain Health & Healing Foundation and former Director of Scientific Research at the Restorix Research Institute. Dr. Figueroa has been performing neurological clinical research since 1995 in the field of Alzheimer’s research, as well as basic research in neuron biology, cancer research, bioengineering and the biophysics of water in cells.

Xavier received his doctoral degree in 2003 from the University of Washington’s Program in Neurobiology & Behavior in the Department of Environmental Health and Toxicology. His doctoral training was followed up by two post-doctoral fellowships within the Department of Bioengineering. His experience within academic research exposed him to the undercurrents of research politics, both local and national, that silently shape how science is done and how the results are interpreted. This experience made him aware of the need to maintain an open mind and champion deserving and fruitful ideas, such as the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the treatment of neurological injuries.

Xavier is currently the owner and Director of Clinical and Scientific Research of Sciencia Incognita Consulting LLC, a consulting and management firm. Sciencia Incognita focuses on providing expert scientific advice on specialty areas of biology, biotechnology, neurobiology and design of clinical trials and basic research experiments.

Xavier lives and works in the Pacific Northwest.