Brain Injuries and Changes in Personality

Some interesting points on how brain injuries can often result in a victim's puzzling behavior and changes in personality.

In light of the fact that it's already the 20th anniversary (!) of the OJ Simpson murder trial, I recall many conversations with retired football players over the years who had known and played with OJ Simpson during his days with the Buffalo Bills. Every one of them told me what a great teammate and compassionate, humble star he was during his playing days; he was the last guy to leave when fans would surround them for autographs outside the stadium as they were leaving after a game. His community service was also selfless and he made himself available for charitable causes consistently. But they also pointed out how surprised they were to see his personality change over the years after he left the game, culminating in that infamous car chase in the Bronco down the LA freeway on network television.

Those same stories generally emerge when you talk to the families of so many returning service men and women from Vietnam and the Middle East Wars. "They just weren't the same after they came home!"