Welcome to the Brain Health & Healing Foundation

shiny brainOur Mission

Driven by the belief that more can be done for people who live with neurological conditions, The Brain Health & Healing Foundation – BH²F – a non-profit organization, raises funding to advance unexplored research of innovative treatments for brain injuries and diseases that adversely affect millions of individuals in our communities every year.

Why We Are

Brain injuries and neurological diseases are a silent epidemic sweeping across the United States. More than 6 million Americans now live with the after-effects of a brain injury, 5.1 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease and a further 7 million people live with the after-effects of stroke. Neurological conditions are a huge economic drag (roughly $200 billion a year is lost due to these three neurological conditions alone) and they manifest in a number of ways, debilitating many Americans for life. Constant headaches, memory problems, issues with mood control, inability to focus on simple tasks and problems staying gainfully employed.

The Brain Health & Healing Foundation (BH²F) is dedicated to quickly evaluating new – or even old! – therapies for the treatment of neurological injuries and diseases. Our focus will be on safe, low side-effect and non-drug-based therapies as a start. We believe that supporting the body as it heals is the best application of science and medicine. Please join us in advancing knowledge that will help millions.